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Why use powerpoint when you can rap?

I was preparing for a talk to Jonathon Rowe’s entrepreneurship class on Wednesday, working on my slide deck, and staying up late on a Sunday night.  I will be giving a lecture on SEO for the undergrads in his class.

While taking a break to catch up on digg, I found that someone had already pretty much done my whole presentation in a rap.  I might just play this on the screen, drop the (figurative) mic, and go home. Not sure if I would be invited back, but I think I would get the same point across.

Almost 1/2 million views when I found it, not bad.

The lyrics after the jump

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Multiple domain names pointing to the same site?

I just answered this question for someone on Linked In and thought it would make a good blog post


Is there an SEO advantage to having multiple domain names pointing to the same sight? (sic)


Google will penalize you if you have duplicate content under two or more domain names, but if you have a domain you use for a print or tv campaign, and use Google Analytics or another web analytics program, you can set up to following situation to track the campaign. points to a page that forwards to the following link :  This can be done with a meta refresh, javascript, or apache header, depending on the server technology you are using.

Use the Google URL Builder to create a URL that will work with Google Analytics.

Another thing to remember is the and are different domains in the eyes of Google, so make sure you pick one and stick with it for all your linking, SEO, and other online marketing.  You can also set the primary domain in Google Webmasters tools.

SEO is more than just domain name, so make sure the content of the site is strong and there are lots of high quality incoming links.  Google Webmasters tools are a free way to get some good insight in to your domain.  There are better tools out there, but Google Webmaster tools is a good first start.