New blog Category: the Memory Hole

I am adding a new category to my blog for things that I have spent too long looking for online.

Now when ever I need to find something that I only need once every couple years, I can save the Google searching. I have to admit, I found this one with Bing.  Maybe someone else with the same problem will find this with out the hassle.

When Geeklog’s FCKeditor returns a javascript:void(0);

There are two ways to fix it.  1. Upgrade to the newest version. 2. Follow the instructions here

If that link is dead,

So, in the file:


var oLink=document.evaluate(..  to
var oLink=this.EditorDocument.evaluate( ..

if you don’t have fckeditorcode_gecko_2.js, the comparable change in fckeditorcode_gecko.js is:

var C=document.evaluate("//a[@href='"+B+"']"


var C=this.EditorDocument.evaluate("//a[@href='"+B+"']"