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AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image

Obama PosterLet’s see the AP try and put this genie back in the barn or the horse back in the bottle.


The funny thing is the creator of the poster, also create the “Obey” brand which was started using a bootlegged photo of Andre The Giant.  Shepard Fairey, the creator, has been on both sides of the copyright issue, and has tried to protect his images from duplication.andrethegiantsticker

I wish I still  had the bootleg Radar has a posse, 1′ 4″ sticker that the previous tenants left in the rental home I moved into in 1998.  The sticker was made for the neighborhood cat “Radar,” and included an image of a cat.  One of my favorite version is the UNC-CH t-shirt for Jackie Manual. jackiemanuelhasaposse

There is a long discussion of the techniques and law here: www.myartspace.com/blog/2009/01/shepard-fairey-obey-copyright.html